We have quietly been working away on the Nikon D3300 Crash Course Training Tutorial Video DVD – CLICK HERE and should be wrapping it up this week. The Nikon D 3300 is really a wonderful, fantastic, light weight powerhouse, and matches up excellently against the Canon SL1, I wonder if there is an epic shootout in the making here? Hmmm

The DVD assumes you have absolutely no experience with photography and is geared to get you shooting on an advanced level in just 1-2 viewings. The downloads should be available by Thursday at the latest, with the DVDs coming out in about 1 month after. Ill also be posting some sample lessons as I always do so new users can get an idea of what the instruction entails.

These Crash Courses take a good 4-6 weeks to complete. So many details and I spend a lot of time trying to improve them in many ways, from the specific words I use, to examples, the audio quality, etc. We are always trying to get better at it.

Here is the tentative cover, we may tweak a few things but you get the idea:Once it is live and ready for purchase we will be posting the link here: COMING SOON!