(Taken with the D3200 & 18-55mm Kit Lens)

Wanted to give everyone an update on whats going on with video production. I know sometimes it can get really quiet on the blog, it means we are working furiously away on something. We have some truly AWESOME things coming in the next couple weeks, let’s start off with what I am spending most of my time on these days:

After over 4 years of making exclusive training DVDs for Canon, and being asked by Nikon users to make a few for them, we have officially begun production on our first Nikon Camera, the brand new D3200. I have been testing, studying and shooting with it for several weeks now and it is a real powerhouse of a little camera. There are some very minor frustrating nuances I am discovering, such as lack of 1/3 increment stops on ISO, No Manual Aperture Control when Live VIew/Video, Auto White Balance could be better, but other than these…holy cow…what a great little camera.

For those of you who own the D3200 and are wanting to get up to speed on the camera as fast as possible, the course is geared towards intermediates and beginners, including pure beginners. The lessons will take you through the basics of digital photography, then work your way up to the operation of all the different camera features, the menus, live view, video shooting, as well as a crash course on light, portrait photography and several other additional bonus lessons. For less than $40, this will be THE best investment you make on your photography. Take it from someone who has studied cameras for the last 10 years, if you own this camera, this is the DVD I wish I had when I first got started. It is going to save you about 2-3 years of your life if you would try to learn on your own or through reading the manual.

As far as completion date, we expect to wrap everything up on June 22nd, 2012 and it should be available for download that evening or the following monday. Those who order will also have the option to pre-order the DVD for only the additional cost of postage ($8.95). DVDs will ship in mid to late July.

– Did I mention I will be taking my Masters Scuba Certification Lessons before we finish? Only 15 or so dives to do. Wow…I am going to be exhausted come next weekend. I see a Dive Master Certification coming after that, it’ s a good way to get me out of the studio.

Other updates:

– I am hearing some great things about the Canon T4i, we should start production on it’s Crash Course Training Video as soon as we get one in our hands. (We expect this to be around the 24th or 25th of June, and are aiming for a mid-to-late July release date.

– We have some summer contests coming up, some are very easy to enter and we already have some sponsors lining up.

– Remember we have our BIG photo contest coming in the fall. You can be shooting now for it you want to get ready… Just a suggestion.

– We have a special updated affiliate program coming for a selection of photographers, which we will expand also in the fall.