Ladies and Gentlemen, after 4 years of making exclusive Canon Camera training videos, I am proud to announce that I have completed my first Nikon training tutorial on the Nikon D3200. I know there are many very passionate photographers about the brand of camera they use, but I have always looked at any camera as a tool, if it helps you get the job done, thats all that matters.

Having shot extensively with the D3200 and really digging into the workings of the camera, Nikon system, lenses, I honestly believe I have a much better grasp and understanding of the actual differences between the entry level camera for both companies.

The Nikon D3200 Crash Course is designed for beginners and intermediate users and will take them through a proven, step-by-step process that starts with the fundamentals and builds on them with quick, easy to understand, rapid fire lessons. I am confident enough to say that any beginner watching the video will be at an advanced level of command after just 2-3 viewings, assuming they are doing the recommended exercises. The course is broken down into 5 main parts:

1. Core Photography Skills
2. Composition / Artistic Skills
3. Learning and Mastering the D3200
4. Portrait Crash Course (Combines first 3 steps)
5. Video & Live View Systems

There is also an extensive lesson on the menus systems and a few other bonus lessons.

The DVDs will take about 3-4 weeks before they are in stock, but the download is available right now. While many of our customers prefer the download only, we also have an option for users to pre-order the DVD, paying only the extra shipping, which in the USA is $8.95. We will ship the DVDs out in Late July, typically the same day or day after they arrive from our supplier.

I am very excited to hear from our Nikon friends and users how they live the video, and what, if anything we can do to improve the way we are teaching Nikon cameras.

Here are the links for the Nikon D3200 Crash Course Tutorial Training DVD:

Nikon D3200 Training Tutorial Video Download
Nikon D3200 Training Tutorial Video DVD + Download