Today Nikon announced the new Nikon D7100 , their newest mid-entry level crop sensor DSLR, which also lines up to compete with the Canon EOS 60D , which has been out for almost 2 years now.

The highlights are:

– 24 Mega Pixels
– 51 Focusing Squares, 15 of which are cross type
– No Optical Low Pass Filter, which is supposed to improve resolution
– New LCD with 1,200 K pixels
– Headphone Jack for monitoring audio sound when shooting video
– Sturdy construction body, very similar to the Nikon D600
– Price $1,200

My initial thoughts is that it really looks like a D600 with a Crop Sensor. 51 focusing squares seems like quite a bit, especially considering the Canon 60D has only 9 (all are cross type). It looks like it will be a fine camera and will force Canon’s hand to announce the 70D. They typically do whenever Nikon comes out with a new camera, and it is usually within 1-2 months. Look for the Canon 70D to be announced soon.

Nikon D7100 on DP Review