Using the new Usability scoring system I proposed a few videos ago, the Nikon D780 feels very intuitive and mostly easy to use. There were only a few glaring omissions and thoughts I had on its improvement.

Methodology – Each Camera Starts at a Base Score of 65 and I then add and subtract points based on a set of criteria (that I am still figuring out) but will be transparent as to how I get those points here – How I score:

(Methodology Update:
Start at 65
Plain Tilty Monitors Get +2 instead of +1
I have also removed digital level as most cameras have them, so the score remains largely the same)

Titly Monitor: +2
Touch Sensitive Monitor For Shooting: +2
Touch Monitor for Menus: +2
Deep Grip: +2
Power Switch Around Shutter: +1
2 Card Slots: +2
Customizable Buttons (.5 Its Each)- +1.5
Customizable Quick Menu: +2
Locking Dials +1 x 3 = 3
Charge in Camera +1
Good Eye AF: +2
Peaking +1
Zebras +1

Penalties- Need a double tap in menus: -1

Updated Total Score: 87.5

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