Got a nice email from Nicklaus Walter, the photographer of “The Old Man”.

He writes:

The guy was a stranger to me, but as I passed him by, he asked if I would take his photo and I said sure. He started telling me friend some wild and crazy story while I tried to frame him perfectly in the viewfinder. I actually brought a tripod with me at the time because I was just taking random street photos but it really came in handy for this photo. I ended up shooting that photo at 1/15th of a second so without the tripod, that photo never would’ve turned out.
Currently I am shooting with a Canon Rebel XTi, and 50mm 1.4, as well as a 100mm macro 2.8, but for the photo I used a cheap Sigma 70-300 4-5.6 lens.
I first picked up a camera back in 2005 and have been really into photography ever since then. I am definitely not a professional. My day job is working at a photo lab, and while I’ve had some schooling in photography, I almost never make money from my images.

I recommend checking out more of his awesome work at: