For my followers who haven’t done one yet I personally think the best photography New Year’s resolution would be to join my 365 Club. As I mentioned in my video not only will it dramatically improve your photography, it’ll give you many character building assets; self confidence, discipline, pride — the list goes on.

I also came across this article by Popular Photography on New Year’s Resolutions for your photography. It’s a pretty great list. Constantly improving, assessing, organizing, and challenging yourself and your photography is imperative. One of my personal favorites is the idea of using photography for the good of others. In the article one guy spends time taking great pics of rescue dogs to help in their adoption process. Images and photography are powerful tools. There are so many creative ways to use photography to give back to friends, family, or your community.

You can check out the article here for some really great resolution ideas. In case you missed my video inviting you to join the 365 Club, you can check it out here.