Got my new lenses today and ran down to the beach for a quick test. First the 100-400. Straight up- I already love this lens. That round circle you see here is the sun- Not the greatest image in the world, but considering the shutter speed was a very slow 1/100 of a second (at f 8.0) and that it was handheld, I am very excited about it. The push-pull zoom is no issue at all and I am totally digging this lens. The 24mm Tilt Shift was a different story. I played with it at home, thought I understood how it worked, then took it to the beach and could not for the life of me get it to co-operate.

I had the best luck when I finally decided to take pictures of the sand. Even in Live View, the view finder is not big enough, but when I zoomed in, I was able to see how the DOF was intersecting with the flat surface of the beach- the DOF now acts as a line instead of a plane. It took some fumbling around, but HOLY COW I am so excited to try this thing for portraits! Should be doing another test tomorrow with one of my models Neli (she was on the Speedlite DVD).

Take a close look at these 3 images and see if you can tell where the DOF is intersecting the sand: