Id like to thank everyone for playing the “Where are you from game” and am happy to announce our drawing winners:

Winner of my new Canon 40 D DVD- Deene!! YAY!
Winner of a free Michael Andrew Shoot- Chase and Kristen Layton

Deene please email me your mailing address and I will send it out early next week…I cant remember do you shoot with a Canon?

Chase and Kristen- feel free to schedule a shoot with me, preferably during the week. As I mentioned in the contest you are free to give it to someone else if you like.


Abstract Photography-

Email me an abstract photograph you have personally taken. Winner (s) will receive a free copy of my DVD, which includes all of the current lessons on the Photography School as well as the Canon 40 D school. (Oh yeah, there are are several lessons on the DVD that are not available anywhere else, for example: Lighting Crash Course, Portrait Course, etc. )

I will select the winners and announce next friday. If you email me a photo and I like it, I will post it on my blog, please have them in by next Thursday.

PS- The more composition rules you include in your photograph, the better chance you have of winning!