Many of you will notice a few tweaky things going on the blog in the next few days. My blog designer, Brock Martin and I have discussed several little features that will make interacting and finding information or products much, much easier. 2 of the features are already in place, and you can probably see some of the others that are coming:The first AWESOME feature is how we have rearranged the “categories” function. Instead of pulling up the actual articles, it will allow you to access all articles under than category by a “list” view. This should make it much, much easier to pick and choose which articles and posts you would like to read- much easier than sifting through dozens of articles.Second new feature is the “Products” page where the “Store” button used to be. The old store link can be found under “links”, but I felt that the product page would be better now as I have many different types of products that can only be purchased on different websites. For example, if a customer wants a training video, he/she may want a DVD or a download. Before, there were 2 different places to find these products, and this new set up should simplify things.The next feature coming will be “Galleries”. There is nothing really there yet, but I am working to have different sets of images which viewers can browse through easily.

More coming soon!