Canon Rumors is reporting a new EOS DSLR camera, for now called the “100D” will be announced this week and Best Buy has listed possible specs:A few things that are interesting to note:

– Digital Zoom, like that of the T3i that was missing from the T4i.
– Touch Screen Monitor like the T4i
– Optical Stabilization
– Much lighter than the current Rebel. This thing is going to be teeny, tiny.

I think Canon might be trying to get a foothold in the same type of market that would purchase the EOS M, but isnt happy with the M’s focusing systems. A much smaller DSLR would give users the great optical focusing systems of a normal DSLR in a compact frame.

Canon Rumors is also reporting a second DSLR will be announced on Friday, but there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not it will be the long awaited Canon 70D or not. I guess we will see soon!

Baby Rebel Specs on Canon Rumors