As an App developer, I get so many requests to check out or test other new Apps that I have now decided to make a new “Apps” category for those of you who are specifically interested in Apps only. I think Apps are here to stay and while I cannot do a review on every App sent my way, there are many I find intriguing and interesting ideas.

One way I would like for this to benefit readers is that occasionally developers may have extra promo / test / review codes for those of you who have a blog or are otherwise qualified to review an App. My hope is that when I do these reviews, readers can post requests for free promo codes in the comments and developer can send out codes as they seem appropriate. Everyone wins with this, readers get free codes, developers can get needed feedback and reviews. It’s worth testing out.

As a note: I am asked very often about making Android Apps, and to be honest with you, I am not overly interested in the Android platform for a number of reasons. As far as tablets go, I am a huge believer of the iPad. I read recently that other competing tablets are not able to match Apple’s price for what they are getting, and with the new iPad 2 about to be announced I think bigger and better things are coming as far as the Apple iOS goes.

That said, we do have some things in the works for the Android market, but I cannot give any details due to my competition constantly trying to scoop my ideas. Apple Apps are really becoming the testing grounds, if we have some success, then I will consider converting it into an Android version.

Another thing is, it isnt really my goal to be a software developer. I make Apps for two reasons only:

1. To Solve problems.
2. Marketing for the Blog (such as the Michael The Maven App)

Making Apps for profit sake is a very tricky game already and it isnt something I would recommend. Apple keeps 30% and pays the balance only after 45 days. Include the costs of production, testing and marketing- there are just easier ways to make money.