The Other Side Of The Wind from The Kennedy/Marshall Company on Vimeo.

Orson Welles id a Hollywood legend. Radio personality, actor, and director. He wrote, directed, and starred in what many consider to be the best film ever made; Citizen Kane. Modern audiences might not care for it but regardless of your opinion it changed the landscape of moviemaking forever. He was a pioneer – and at only 25 years-old.

He rose to prominence quickly and after a few flops his descent into obesity and alcohol all but ruined his career. Although he never stopped working, he struggled to find the early fame he once enjoyed. His final film that was supposed to be his comeback was never finished due to his failing health.

In 2015 famed director Peter Bogdanovich (who acted in the original 1970 portions of the movie) and producer Frank Marshall failed to raise the funds via Indigogo to complete the movies. They were ecstatic to learn the Netflix has purchased the rights and the negative have been shipped back to Hollywood for completion. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final work of one of the greatest movies directors ever.