Wanted to post my newest video, but it will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday Netflix released the iPhone Version of it’s App. While this was a very quiet announcement, in my opinion, it was HUGE as fas as entertainment goes. I love, love, love movies. Don’t watch much TV, but addicted to movies big time.

While Ive been able to stream movies to my iPad now for months, being able to do it over the cell phone network is truly a revolution. One disclaimer, the connection was pretty rough and it didn’t work perfectly, but the technology is now in place and they will eventually get the bugs worked out. To have access to movies nearly anytime, nearly anywhere in the world (assuming you have a connection) on your phone is pretty dang cool.

One thing I like about streaming movies from Netflix is the ability to stop and pickup right where I left off, even on other devices. For $8.99 a month (which also includes DVD rentals), I think Block Buster can pretty much kiss it good bye unless they can adapt and match or exceed what Netfix is doing.

Netflix for iPhone!