Nest Learning Thermostat hit the markets in 2011. Even with a $249 price tag the thermostat sold out in its initial launch and scared the heck out of competitors. With a sleek design and innovative features it’s become a major force in the home technology market. The thermostat learns your schedule and makes adjustments accordingly and can be controlled by your smartphone. All this, they say, can add up to a 20% savings on your home energy costs.

Now they have a new product on the market. They realized that every home and business needs a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. They also realized that most people absolutely hate the products. The horrible, piercing alarm that goes off every time you cook. The way you can’t seem to ever get it to stop once it starts. Having to climb on a step-stool or ladder to shut it off. All of this = annoying. However, the product is an absolute necessity for safety.

The market is huge. Now they’ve created a product that is not only a beautiful design aesthetically, the alarm is more pleasant. For example, a woman’s voice calmly informs you that, “Heads up, smoke has been detected in the living room”. Simply waving your hand in front of it will turn it off. It also has a glowing ring with different colors to indicate settings.

Watch the video below for more information on the Nest Protect.