Its been a rough past couple days with all kinds of weird stuff going wrong. First Enterprise, then my computer crashes, Debit Cards being blocked because I am traveling (apparently a safety mechanism by my bank to prevent ID theft, but still, the fact I need to cal and answer 5 verification questions to be able to use my own money is just crazy). I really can’t complain about anything, I live a blessed and healthy life with no problems that can’t be fixed.

Some good news is that I am loving some time off, staying at an absolutely amazing resort (The Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale) that I found on Priceline for $60/night, I can go shooting everyday, eat at Chick-Fil-A every lunch (I will) and most importantly that I get to see good friends & people that want to actually see me too.

I did get my NERO Trigger right before I left. There are a TON of lightning storms going on in Az now, and unless you have tried it, not the easiest thing to take a picture of, and without special equipment, the only way to do it is to put your camera on BULB and take 10-15 second exposures hoping to get lucky.

A Lightning Trigger like the Nero has a light sensor that triggers the camera the instant illumination changes in it’s vicinity. The sensitivity can also be adjusted.

The Nero can do a bunch of other cool stuff as well, act as interval timer, sound trigger (audible camera release) as well as a laser trigger (camera takes a shot when something physical trips the laser beam). There are different cables to have it trigger different kinds of cameras or flash units. Each of these types of triggers have various sensitivities or time delays for taking the shot and is what would be ideal for something like trying to take a picture of very fast moving subjects that are hard to time.

There is another similar product called “Camera Axe” which I ordered at the same time to compare the two, but it didn’t arrive before I left. The Shipping on NERO was SUPER FAST, and I also like how the unit’s sensors are self contained in the device itself. Not so with the Camera Axe. I will do a more detailed comparison of the two, but it won’t be until after I get back. Looking forward to trying the NERO out!

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