The vast majority of the homes we saw in these mountains were either completely destroyed or damaged to the point of being unsafe to live in. The problem is compounded by the fact a series of landslides have cut off all road access, so the only way in is walking. One village we walked to would take nearly 8 hours from the starting point. The situation is even more worrisome in that while many have huge amounts of crops, those crops won’t be ready for another 2-3 months, which means anything they want to eat they have to either already have or carry in.

In this picture, a man and his wife dig through the ruins of their destroyed home looking for their food. The situation in these mountain villages presents some exceptional challenges, and we look forward to figuring it all out together.One of the villages I’m really worried about takes 7- 8 hours to walk to. They no longer have road access because of landslides triggered my the earthquake, and have a 2 weeks supply of food left. Their crops will be ready in 2 months, but in the mean time, we have to figure out how to feed the 500 people living there, including 300 Buddist monks called “Anni’s” which you can see in the top left. I think the only way to go here is helicopter, should be interesting to work out because they are in huge demand.