So sorry about the hang up, was driving all day yesterday, had a WONDERFUL workshop today on Long Beach Island in New Jersey (about 40 minutes from Philly). It was a great time, many great images to come shortly. So far, this is the map of my travels, Ive covered about 5500 miles driving up to this point. The beautiful thing about going with the Prius is that I am getting about 50 miles per gallon, and about 500 miles per tank, which is costing me about $27 to fill up. This translates into about 1000 miles per $53. Deciding to drive the Hybrid was a much better choice than what I was considering….renting a huge RV.

Tomorrow I start on the T1i DVD, should be getting green light on 580 Speedlite tomorrow or Wednesday, Pre-Order opportunity to follow shortly. 🙂