In the afternoons, when the day was hottest, a few of the crew members would get out of the sun and others would take naps. (It was exhausting work, as we were shooting 3 times a day in the water. Each day I was able to take go on “pure scuba diving” dives with the boat captain who was a certified dive master. On the third dive, I finally started getting results that were halfway decent. All of these images were taken with a Canon 5DII in an Ikelite Water Housing, using a Canon 100 mm Macro L lens.This is my first solid picture of a nudibranch. Its essentially a sea slug that breathes through its lungs which are sticking out as ears.Another type of nudibranch- They really are fun to find, very easy to miss if you glance them over too quick. There are a wide range colors and shapes of these sea-slugs, so every time I see one I get happy because I want to collect images of them, cones (which I will talk about more later) and especially, fish! Unfortunately, most fish are too fast for me right now 🙂 Lion Fish making its defensive display of “Dont Mess with me”Teeny tiny transparent shrimp. The dive master was pointing at them for at least 20 seconds before I saw them.Found Nemo!!More pictures coming!