SPOILER ALERT!! Ive password protected this entry, just so you know…I have some neat details about the novel on which the movie was based. Do not read this unless you know there are some spoilers in here! The password is: iamlegendI have never written a preview for a movie, but I have been waiting so long for this movie, I cannot resist. I knew the script for this remake of the Richard Matheson novel was in the works about 4 years ago. The trailers dont really give you how much of a sweet movie this will be so I will fill you in a little here.

In the book, a vampire plague has taken over the world, and one man remains. At night, he fights these zombies/vampires off, and during the day he gathers supplies and tries to make contact with any possible remaining “humans”, as these zombies/vampires cannot stand sunlight. The vampires are carefully tracking him and trying to catch him, but because this man is a genius, they find it rather difficult, until one day….our hero looks at his watch and realizes….that it appears to be broken and he has lost track of time.

With dusk quickly approaching, he knows he wont make it back to his stronghold- is eventually captured by the vampires and learns something he never would have guessed…..they are terrified of him and in their culture he has become a “legendary” figure. It flips the roles of vampires and humans around….they are scared of HIM.

Now I dont know if the movie will stay faithful to this concept, but the reviews are coming in that this will be a pretty good movie…I will let you all know tomorrow.

If anyone is interested in catching the movie with me, just drop me a line!