The Photography school shout be live within a few days- I will continue to develop it as we go, but the beginner lessons should be up soon….as in anyday.

I had this idea, and was convinced that I could figure it out even though I didnt have a clue about certain things, The Michael Andrew Photography School was put together in a very tedious way….it has taken weeks to figure it out, but it is being made in the following programs: Flash Video, Front Page and Photoshop. An interesting thing about the site is that it doesnt have ANY searchable fields…thats right -its all pictures and hot spots- my guess is that it will be invisible to search engines which means….the only people who will see it will be by referal. Ive had a lot of people ask about it, I love finishing the videos and posting them.

This first site is really a starting point, I will imagine it will continue to change and develop, but this school will eventually turn into a very HUGE opportnuity shortly- for everyone, Just know that I am working on 4 major projects, all of which are really incredible, some I cannot talk about. But you will know when the big things happen.

For those of you who dont know….I am an insomniac,…..I usually sleep from 6am-11am. Many nights I wont sleep at all. I cant stand it, my body feels tired, but my mind is racing…I cant stop…..does anyone have any suggestions?
(Besides marriage, ambien and melatonin- id be willing to try just about anything. Yes I am asking for input….I am listening. 🙂