I was introduced to Mimi’s Cafe a year ago by some good friends. I like that they bring out these homemade baked breads, the carrot cake is really incredible. Other than that, I wasnt really into it until I tried this salad they have: The Blue Cheese and Walnut Chicken Salad. I like salad’s, but Ive never gotten excited over them.

This is the most AMAZING salad you will ever taste (assuming you like: Blue Cheese, Walnuts, Cranberries, BACON (yum!), and chicken). It has the most unique flavor of any chicken salad I have ever had. It is so good, I go out of my way to try get it at least once a week, and its like 8 bucks or something, completely filling.

If you are near a Mimi’s Cafe and havent tried it…wow…you will not regret it.