Now that we have good data on orphanages the need a visit- We need to
find an organization ( and contact them) who would be willing to
supply us with very small quantities of antibiotics and bandages- etc
listed on my facebook wall- they need to have these materials on
ground so we can get started immediately- we will be assessing damaged
sites and orphanages for the next few weeks, and delivering emergency
aid at the time of assessment will save lives- we need to reduce the
number of steps in the process and just get things moving.

When we assess the orphanages we will gps mark the site, take pictures
and find out how serious things really are with a simple rating. Other
agencies will then know ahead of time where these places are and what
else to bring.

If you guys can find me a sponsor, I have a very safe practical way to
make sure they are delivered safely, and very quickly- it’s with the
Haitians themselves- I’ve made good friends with a group of 6 of them
and many times today rode with them using their Tap Tap truck- it’s
completely safe (at least in the day time) and quite fun. They don’t
speak much English (besides Matthew our main translator) so I’m
getting them to teach me to say funny things in Creole.

The Haitians have excellent info, organization, resources,
transportation and want to help save lives. The ones I’m with are
good, street smart men- I rode around with them in Port au prince
today and felt safer with them than I did an armed guard because they
understand how everything works here. An armed guard immediately
causes tension.

I would also say that at this time, the perception of danger is much
greater than it really is, and things are moving slowly because of
security concerns.

On the trip out here, someone thought it would b a good idea to give a
child a dollar at one of the stops. When he took it, the other 5 kids
immediately attacked him trying to steal it.

This is why the aid isn’t flowing as fast as it should-and I
understand it. However most of this stress appears to be over food and
water, not so much basic medical supplies, and definitely not in
smaller towns which still haven’t even been visited yet.

So- can anyone help find an organization willing to try this model
out? I’d like to try 2-3 runs to orphanages further out from pap as
soon as possible, otherwise I’ll b showing up anyway with just a gps
unit and a sat phone.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers


***We need an organization that has antibiotics and basic medical supplies.***

PS – Thank you everyone who helped so quickly with all of the Orphanage data. We have a great list almost ready to be posted with amazing amounts of information, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!! So I thank you! If there is someone who would like to step forward and be in charge of Michaels latest assignment :)! That would be so greatly appreciated!!!!