Initially I wanted to rent my Sat Phone, but to rent it for a few weeks was over half the price of buying one flat out and I am planning on more crazy trips (World Tour, etc) so I thought it would be time to invest in purchasing one. I chose the Iridium 9555 because it is (relatively) small. It reminded me of my first cell phone I got back in 1998, one of those larger brick type cell phones. However, as Sat Phones go, this is one of the smallest around. It works by connection to a series of Satellites. Which means, as long as you have an open sky, you have a connection anywhere in the world. The connection in Haiti was often overloaded (there were probably thousands in the area) which meant my calls were only good for a few minutes- but I cannot tell you how many times this thing came through for me.

Ultimately, my iPhone was more versatile, but the Sat Phone was a must and a close second. It was the best investment I made in terms of equipment and allowed me to relay information in real time with Toby.
Iridium Satellite Phones