For those of you who don’t know, I have really wide feet. I’m exactly a size 12.5 in Nike, but almost always a 13 with other shoes. One problem I have always had was very wide forefeet, so it is has always been a nightmare finding something wide and in my exact size.

About 8 years ago, I stumbled upon Keens, which were AMAZING. But something happened a few years after where they changed their Newport design (it was an actual shoe, not the sandal). They still make the sandals in the width I love, but for whatever reason stopped making the shoe. I was sooooo bummed, but happened to find a pair in a shoe store in Idaho a couple years later. It was the last pair I would ever see.

Since that time, I have been looking for an alternative. I found a pair of Salomon XPRO Comp 7’s that fit AWESOME right before I went to Nepal, but it turned out the pair was irregular and despite buying 2 more pairs of the exact model and size, they don’t fit anymore (too narrow).

This week I finally tried a pair of Altra Lone Peak Trail Running Shoes. So far they have everything I LOVE, wide forefoot, very light, and something different is that they are very flat shoes. It feels completely different and my feet are in HEAVEN.

If you do a lot of running or hiking and have a need for a good shoe, definitely give Altra a look. I have seen them much cheaper on Amazon than in the stores, about $30 less.