Finished the 1st draft of my book today. I will take a few days to get caught up on other projects before I go through the second draft. Photographers Contract Maker will have a very cool update coming out in about a week, and CMPro a week after- look for it.

A little quirky thing about my personality is I feel this compulsion to constantly be working towards the next goal, whatever it is.

There are some really good things about this, namely I find that if I focus, I get stuff done.

There are also some really bad things about it, the biggest of which I find myself constantly working and cannot take long breaks without feel some sense of guilt. I know this probably sounds ridiculous. It’s almost as if I am not really wired to feel satisfied with myself- and this is me just opening up to you guys and letting you know me on a different level.

I am typically happy when I complete a project, but this happiness lasts for an hour or two and then it is forgotten as if the project never happened. Like today, I found myself trying to force myself to feel good about finishing the book and all I can think about is the T3i Crash Course DVD, Apps and the Second Draft.

Last week, a good friend who is really into Myers-Briggs Type Personality Indicators excitedly sent me a link and promised me that I was an “INTJ”. I haven’t taken the actual test that determines this, but my friend was so certain about this I decided to entertain her suggestion. I am astonished by how well it describes me.

There are some of the negative sides of this personality type and I have learned to over come some of them (such as giving praise to others), yet other sides of it I have not (usually relationship type stuff and constantly being misunderstood).

If you want to see a really good description of how Michael The Maven perceives the world and makes decisions, this is it. If any of you have seen my Crash Course Training DVDs, this will make even better sense.

INTJ- Myers Briggs Type Layman’s Description (The Scientist) (Good thing I do not drink!)