Been shooting now with the Sony a7s for almost a full week. It is a very interesting camera at 12.2 megapixels.

– Insane low light focusing capability
– Incredible High ISO noise performance.
– Outstanding dynamic range (and btw those first three are all off the charts)
– With metabones SpeedBooster, it is a low light monster
– Not a good sports focusing camera, while advertised at 5fps, it is closer to 1.5 on with servo focusing.
– Extremely slim profile
– I must admit I am disappointed no in camera 4K video recording
– Not many very wide aperture native lenses available

Overall Recommendation: The A7s is a game changer for low light photography. Portrait, Event, Street and Wedding photographers will want to jump on board if they can afford the $2500 body.

Most everyone is waiting for the Shogun Recorder to pull the 4K footage out of the camera, but Sony did have a clip and it looks pretty amazing: