After a lot of research and a huge investment, I finally have my new Business Cards / Image Delivery Method; Custom Branded 16 GB Thumb Drives! I got 50 of the leather ones and 50 of the Bamboo. They are REALLY nice.

The reason I wanted to go this route is that these drives are very, very sticky from a marketing perspective. Another thing is, it allows for my customers and clients to immediately have a back up, I give them the USB drive, they transfer to their computers, now they have 2 copies. If they are a repeat customer, all I ask is that they bring the drive to the shoot, and I upload their images to the drive, so they have all their Michael Andrew images in one place.

If they do not end up being a customer, chances are they will still want to use a 16GB drive for at least a few years. My website URL and LOGO are stamped into the drives as a friendly reminder to visit my blog every now and again.

I have also decided to give out at least 6 of the Bamboo Drives, one to each of our 7th Place Winners for Michael The Maven’s 2011 Photography Contest.