UPDATE: Canon 7D, Canon T5i, Nikon D5200 are SOLD – Nikon D7100 is last one available. Thank you for all your inquiries!

I have a few little reviews to do this week, so very far behind on my Youtube videos, but Ill be knocking most of them out by the end of the week. As many of you know I do a lot of training videos, and such requires that I actually get my hands on these cameras, study them, use them and by the time I finish, I have an other camera arriving to work on. Currently I have about 13 DSLRs, and I typically only like to have 2 for my main shooting, and couple for scuba/surf shooting, which means its time to start downsizing. While I love each and every one of these cameras, I really do need to let some of them go.

Here is what I have available for sale, each camera will come with an autographed training tutorial DVD!

Nikon D7100 Body Only – New Price $1200 – Maven Price $950 Fewer than 300 shots taken, in like new condition, in like new condition, includes box, warranty and all accessories

I also have a Nikon D600 that Ill be letting go in a couple months, I need to hang onto it for the NIkon Speedlite Tutorial (yes it IS coming!) if your are interested in that, Ill sell it with the body only for $1500. Just shoot me an email, or make a comment below.

Cameras will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, and what I mean by this is the first photographer who emails me either directly, on FB, or make a comment with your email below, we agree on the price and terms and actually makes a payment. Once the payment clears, I can have it in the mail to you by the end of this next week. Nearly all of the cameras you see here are the actual cameras used in the production of my Crash Course Tutorials and Youtube Videos.

Whatever I have left at the end of the week Ill be listing on Ebay. Thanks!