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Video Lighting

Aputure Light Storm LC 120d II
Aputure has assembled this Light Storm LC 120d II Daylight LED 2-Light Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate for image-makers who require precision lighting tools with power options for the studio or on the road. The kit includes two Light Storm LC 120d II Daylight LED fixtures, each with a V-Mount battery plate, a set of 4-way barndoors, a controller with 100-240 VAC power supply, a wireless remote control, and a 7.5' light stand. A padded SKB case with a custom Think Tank interior is included for storage and transport.

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Aputure Light Dome II
Bundled with a fabric honeycomb grid add-on that helps control the light spill spread by 40 degrees, and suitable for portraits, head shots, interviews, and fashion, the 34.8" Light Dome II from Aputure is a 16-sided modifier that offers quality of light options and wide compatibility with Aputure lights, as well as those of the many other manufacturers that use the popular Bowens front accessory mount. The structure of the Light Dome II is fortified by its 16 durable steel support rods, while its silver interior maximizes your light source's output. Its 24" depth produces a focused light with directional control that can be narrowed further for selective lighting with the included 40° fabric grid. Aputure provides a removable inner diffuser and both 1.5-stop and 2.5-stop front diffusers that you can use individually or all at once for softness and contrast options. The supplied gel filter holder also offers creative color options. Any way you use it, you'll find that the Light Dome II renders soft, flattering light with a wraparound quality and produces round, natural-looking catchlights in the eyes of your subject.

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GVM 480 LED Video Panel Light
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Fovitech 1200 LED
These generic Fovitech 1200 LEDs are my current studio workhorses, I have 2, Ill buy a 3rd shortly. Daylight balanced LEDs meaning they stay cool! Not the brightest, but they work for most situations. Perfect and far more affordable than name brand LEDs!
Purchase Fovitech 1200 LED - $249.99
Lowel ViP Pro-Light
This is my go "small" light. It gets hot, but if you are looking for those hard shadows, its one of the most affordable ways to go.
Purchase Lowel ViP Pro-Light - $117.95
Rifa 88
These are large & very hot lights. The bulbs will break occasionally, but for total output power, its been my go to for over 10 years. Yes, I still have the same set up I bought 10 years ago!

The 32 x 32" (81 x 81 cm) heat-resistant, woven-glass fabric front diffuser provides the soft light look!
Purchase Lowel Rifa eX 88 - $751.29
Rifa 44
This is a Lowel Rifa eX 44 Pro Kit, LB-40 Soft Case. It's built around the Rifa eX 44 softbox light, and the Pro-light focus floodlight. The Lowel Rifa-lite eX 44 is a compact, self-contained, 16 x 16" (40.6 x 40.6 cm), 250W, collapsible, tungsten/halogen softlight. It uses the unique umbrella-like Rifa design which allows set-up in 60 seconds or less. It's the perfect complement to today's compact, light-sensitive, digital cameras and film stocks.
Purchase Rifa 44 - $659.99
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