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Sony Mirrorless Bodies

Sony a7iii
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Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera
The Sony A7Riii is one of the best all round mirrorless camera at the time of it's release. It does it all, and fixes many of the hangups of the A7rii, an incredible camera in its own right. New focusing systems, touch screen, video features. It is a BEAST and has a place in my personal camera bag. No, not as fast as the Sony A9, but close enough while saving a lot of $$ and you get 42 glorious MP. Think of the A9 as lightning (for high end, fast moving sports shooting), & the A7riii as thunder (for everything else). You will not be disappointed!
Purchase Sony A7Riii - $3,198.00
Sony Alpha a9
20 Frames per second shooting in a full sensor readout makes for the fastest top contender in full frame cameras. At 24 MP, Sony over samples its 4K Video to produce stunning image quality, without a crop. It's the only FF camera I know of that does this at the time of this writing, meaning you get incredible video with high ISO noise performance. Combine that it's ultra smooth Face Tracking, I believe this is currently the best hybrid camera on the market for stills and video. Yes, it is expensive, but this is a professional's tool. One of my favorites!

Purchase Sony Alpha a9 - $4,498
Sony Alpha a6500
The most common question I get on the A6500 is are the upgrades worth it. IBIS (In Body image stabilization) & touch screen both are critical to quickly choosing your focus points and hand held video. If you have the extra cash...yes, totally worth just those two alone!

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Purchase the Sony Alpha a6500 - $1,398.00
Sony a6300
In the short run, this IS the new APS-C mirrorless camera. Excellent focusing systems, on nearly the same level as DSLRs. Makes an excellent combo with a full frame Sony body. Highly recommended.

Works really well with Metabones adapters and Canon lenses. The video is excellent with the exception of rolling shutter which is among the worst I have seen. No headphone jack, BSI sensor, or IBIS

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Purchase the Sony a6300 - $998
Sony a7Sii
Regarded by many, myself included, as one of the best low light cameras in the world. A couple things might make this camera your must-have; full frame sensor and 4K video.

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Purchase the Sony A7sii - $2,998
Sony a7Rii
I have always been very impressed with this camera. Great image stabilization when hand holding. The face detection and eye detection are nothing short of spectacular. Excellent sharpness when using nonnative lenses.

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Purchase Camera - $3,198
Sony a7s
This is the new Low Light Champion, an incredible 12MP FF mirrorless wonder that can see in the dark much better than the human eye. For portrait photographers, wedding shooters, low-light video work, this is the future.

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Purchase the Sony a7S - $2,198
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