After a HUGE amount of work, the Michael The Mentor online photography school has been officially updated and reloaded. There are probably a few more needed tweaks here and there, but this system is SOOOOO much better than the older one. Updates include:

– Bigger videos in a custom MA Flash Player.
– HTML based, not flash- This means improved search engine rankings.
– Direct Linking Capability (hyperlink to each lesson directly), before we could only link to each lesson group.
– 2 new Composition Lessons (Contrast and Dutch Tilt)
– Ability to add more lessons quickly and easily.
– Direct links of each lesson to thread on the forums!
– Download each lesson to your Ipod/iPhone (this part is not quite finished but should be in a few weeks).
– Banner ads

The best part about this set up is that I can easily add lessons. The last system we were using was all done in flash and it was EXTREMELY tricky to add lessons (if not impossible) and I was limited to 10 lessons in each group. This set up is paving the way for me to add as many new lessons as I would like, and trust me, there are MANY to come as soon as the Photoshop DVD is completed.

A very big thank you to the fabulous Programmer Brock Martin for making this possible. Great job Brock!


NOTE: In order to see the new changes immediately, you will have to empty your internet cache files, otherwise it will take a few days. If you would rather wait, you can check it out by clicking here:

Michael The Mentor Reloaded