Michael The Maven’s Efficiency Playbook ~ Today I finished the first draft of my next book, which has a working title of “Efficiency Playbook”. Efficiency has been a pet project since I was 17. Any time I learned something about being more productive, I would write it down and this is the summary of that notebook in the form of a playbook to solve different kinds of problems we all face. I’ve narrowed down every single tactic to 6 principles, and then use real life examples to illustrate them. I’ll have to get it to an editor and go through a few drafts, but hope to finally publish it next spring sometime. I’m going to give it away for free to my newsletter subscribers at that time. Feel free to sign up on my blog if you want a free copy I’ll put a link in my profile page. www.michaelthemaven.com #efficiencyplaybook #michaelthemaven