How thrilled and honored I am to announce that my Michael The Maven Youtube Channel has been ranked #37 out of 100 in the world for photography channels on youtube! Yippee! Nearly 20 million views!

Here is the sad thing, the game is changing on Youtube and not for the best:

In the past, I could spend a couple weeks putting together a really high quality video, and it would get hundreds of thousands of views, but times have changed. If your video is over 2-3 minutes people lose interest. I’m not sure how much longer people will be interested in high-quality, long length videos. It seems that the market wants the very short quick & fast videos which is really sad, but I am happy to play that game if that’s what it takes. It would definitely increase the frequency at which I post videos so it’s probably coming.

In any event be sure to check out feed spots top 100 photography channels on YouTube to see who ranks at the top! Ill try to do better!