I made it to Idaho tonight and am ready to announce the first of different little games I have been planning for a later version of “The Maven App” which wont be released until next week. There aren’t any “games” per se on there yet, but rest assured, there are going to be some and I would like to do a little test to gauge interest level as to what kinds of games we are going to play. I travel quite often (very good chance I will be coming to your area sooner or later) and I always want to make myself available to make new friends.

This Saturday I will be at Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah 2 hours before kick off (3pm). Once I am on location, I will tweet where I am 3-4 times before kick off so you have a general idea of where to find me, and yes the location will change. If you can find me and you say “I want to play Cash Maven” (Similar to cash cab), you will be eligible to play and I will take the first contestant to find me at each location. (I am planning on doing three of locations minimum).

The categories are:

1. BYU football
2. Anything Photography
3. Anything Michael The Maven, training videos or adventures
4. Complete Random Trivia

Each question is worth $10. If you get an answer right, I will continue to ask questions until you miss 2 of them. At that point you can walk away with what you have, or go for double or nothing on the final question. You can win up to $200, and it is completely free to play. I will also grab an iphone shot with you and put in on the blog, win or lose.

I have just one rule: You have to be someone I have never met before.

There are a number of reasons I have for doing this, one of them to have a chance to meet and talk with new friends who may be a regular blog reader. Its important for me to find a way to meet you personally.

Sound fun?