My Official “Michael The Maven” App is now live on iTunes. If you are an iPhone/iPod user this is going to essentially put everything I do in one place- Blog, Videos, Wallpapers, Youtube, DVDs, Forum, etc. Makes it very fast and easy to access everything. I have a lot of plans for this App to make it easier for everyone to stay in touch.

We have already noticed a few bugs:

1. Logging on to Twitter has been blocked. Twitter changed their policy on interactive apps just a few days ago, while you can still see my main twitter feed, you cannot log on to Twitter from the App as we originally planned. Apparently there is an application process to get approved. I have already written to them and am waiting to hear back.

2. We made this to be iPad Native as well, but for some reason it isn’t showing up as iPad compatible yet. I wrote to Apple to find out what happened, but if you are an iPad user, just know that it’s coming very soon. (Should have already been working).

Michael The Maven iPhone App