After a 3 day delay my food finally arrived today, but unfortunately only half of it came with the second half coming later this afternoon (I hope). We had some real problems with the driver, who essentially messed up in every way imaginable.

There is some repackaging that needs to be done, dividing the rice into smaller portions mainly and then repackaging. Originally my flight was supposed to go Manila this morning at 9am, with my return flight to Honolulu this evening, but I simply cannot bring myself to go home being so close to seeing this food distributed and being accountable for it.

Unfortunately, I’m also now sick again, this feels different than whatever it was I had last time, I think a big part of it is exhaustion, as many nights I’m only getting 3-4 hours of sleep. After a month of being here I’m just completely beat down, but at least the end is in sight and I can go home in a few more days.A hug thank you to our sponsors, especially the Meysen / Grape City group, my friends, in Japan, Mindy M, the Foresters, the Calvis, Willises, JT, Brooks F, and all my student & friend & Eden complete stranger donors. Looking forward to working with the Salvation Army, A Global Hunger Expedition and the LDS church to get these 75,000 meals distributed ASAP. They are going to an area that was hit extremely hard, and is difficult to access. So honored to be a part of such great team work!