Spent the morning going to church and resting. In the afternoon I had to go get Andoi in Ormoc (2 hours each way). I had Andoi purchase 2 portable generators in Cebu, one if which we will be giving to a church in Bassey that has no power, nor way to recharge their batteries or power their water filter. Many of the church units here have been offering free water through these filter systems so we need to get it running. I’m a little disappointed there isn’t more support coming, there just isn’t enough to go around and Taylor, Andoi and myself remain the only volunteers in the area for the church.

My food should arrive tomorrow, 75,000 meals paid for by donations of close friends and supporters. The SA is even having a hard time buying rice locally because the WFP (world food program) bought huge amounts of it. We found it on Mendenau I believe, and had it shipped to Cebu where it will be combined with the GHE product Bob shipped over. 58 bags of 50kg each, that’s a good chunk of rice. I’m excited to get it to the people who really need it.

I had Andoi bring a huge bag of McDonalds burgers and fries for some of the people living at the church shelter. It arrived about 5 hours after purchase, and while the fries weren’t that great- the burgers were still in excellent shape and very well received. 🙂Click here to check out a video of how I take a bath.