I have a new driver while Andoi is attending the birth of his new daughter. Jordan is one of President Abans counselors and used to be a truck driver, knows the area well and we have a lot of fun talking about almost every topic imaginable.

We had a wonderful distribution this afternoon, it was by far the most organized I have ever seen. The bags the Salvation Army gives out can be quite heavy for women or older recipients, so to solve this the village designated 10-12 younger men to act as proxy carriers of the relief goods, it was quite a beautiful thing. Impossible in Haiti.

At lunch I tried to do as much follow up as possible with the food I have coming through Cebu, everything should workout ok there as well, UPS is shipping it straight to the warehouse we have been using here in Tacloban, which we have 24/7 access to. I hope to document as much as possible of it once it arrives.

In the afternoon we went GPS scouting, heard there was an entire region not getting food down south and it turns out they were doing just fine. That’s the thing with disaster aid work is that information is only good for 1-2 days.

In the evening Jordan and I ran some food over to another church who has a lot of people staying there, they were happy to get it.

I believe we have another general Salvation Army distribution tomorrow morning, as well as moving a lot of food around for the church in the afternoon. I’m hoping my food will arrive by Monday and be distributed by Wednesday. I should be heading back to the states on Thursday.

I’m very close to full strength again, I think a lot of the nausea and dizziness I was feeling the past few days was the medication I was taking as I’m not feeling it anymore, having stopped taking it this am. I’m still quite exhausted, but as long as I can fall asleep I’m good.

Damarius, the Salvation Army lead who has been here since the beginning is leaving tomorrow morning. I’m sad to see her go, we had a great time here getting the pipeline set up and I hope to work with her again in the future should the opportunity arise.I seriously love working with the Salvation Army crew, they are very hard workers and completely committed to helping the Philippine people.Andre left this morning, I think he was lonely without Craig. We will miss both of them.How can I even try to explain this?