We have a couple big distributions lined up for tomorrow, I think about 60,000 meals if I am not mistaken. Spent much of the day moving people around, Andre left this morning from the Tacloban airport.

Andoi and Bob Poff also left in the afternoon, but we had to drive them to Ormoc. We also had two females visiting that need to go to Ormoc as well, one if which is the wife of one of my best friends from BYU, Mindy McQuivey.

Andoi is going to see his second baby be born, and will be back Sunday, he has already promised to bring me some McDonalds from Cebu.

I never eat McDonalds in the USA. Never. Overseas, McDonalds, for whatever reason becomes the holy grail of anything you can eat and I would gladly eat there all three meals.

The main problem I’m facing is I’ve already gone through all my MREs (I brought 3 weeks worth, but have been sharing them) and I’m not getting enough protein. There is plenty of meat available, but my stomach doesn’t agree with the way it is prepared (mostly fried in heavy oil) so I am left with the choice of either getting sick from eating it (yes I’ve tried) or having zero energy and feeling a different kind of sick. Most of my meals consist of white rice, ramen, oranges and hard boiled eggs. Bob Poff and Mindy gave me a bunch of cliff bars that I immediate ate.

I’m drinking as much water as I can get my hands on, all of it bottled. My guess is I’m about 20 lbs lighter at this point, my belt has moved 2 notches and my pants feel loose & baggy. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like my body is just absolutely tearing through calories and I can feel the weight coming off each day. It’s so strange to me that I can’t duplicate this with exercise in non-disaster situations, but I think much of it comes from the constant hustle involved combined with the loading and unloading of trucks each day.

We are having a few problems with our food coming in, but we should have it resolved soon.One of my best friends wife from BYU came with another group to help with the effort. Was so fun to see Mindy MCQuivey here!