Six distributions this morning. Still finding lots of gaps of people who are not getting enough to eat. We have a big distribution tomorrow morning. I’ve been typing all my updates on my iPhone, and it takes about an hour each night, so I’m going to keep this one a little short and try to get some rest, I only got about 3.5 hours last night.

Bob Poff made it to Tacloban today, he is shipping in the 75,000 meals from the money we raised and I’m looking forward to getting that food distributed. He is a wealth of experience, information and resources and I have already learned so much from him.School started again today for most kids in Tacloban. We originally heard this school was hosting several refugee families who weren’t getting any food, but because school started they had been relocated. I decided to visit with them anyway and was greeted with a very loud “good morning sir!!” These kids are so much fun.One school was still drying out their textbooks so they could still use them. Sad!