I felt it coming for the last 4 days, & Finally crashed this morning. The Salvation Army usually has medical clinics, including a full team of doctors and nurses, one of the many reasons I love to work with them, if something happens they can take care of you.

I was really upset I missed the 2 distributions today as I was resting trying to recover, very proud of Andoi who stepped up and was able to get the coupons filled out (200+ of them) on his own at the second location. We have a really good system of same day deliveries and have most of our logistics worked out. Should be pretty straight forward for the local SA leadership to run it smoothly.

Come 7pm, I was completely dehydrated and couldn’t keep any fluids or food down. Craig talked to Demarius, the SA lead and she sent the doctors right over. So thankful to all of them.

Andoi thinks I accidentally drank some of the well water we use for bucket baths. The doctors gave me 3 different kinds of medications and an IV, and I’m already starting to feel better.

I’m going to try to rest tomorrow and get better by Sunday, where we have some island assessments lined up. The plan is NOT to travel by boat. Came down with something been in bed all day and was completely dehydrated. The good news is Andoi knows enough about tagging now that he took over for me today and the team delivered 60,000 meals to 2 villages we found the other day. I hate missing distributions, but we all work great together and have an established system. When I didn’t get better in the afternoon,Craig notified the Salvation Army team of doctors and nurses here, and they came over tonight and took care of me. I should be ok soon.How lucky am I that Andoi is also a nurse! He’s been a great help with the IV.