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After a tremendous amount of planning and 20 awesome hosts volunteering, World Renown Photography Instructor Michael Andrew is putting on a 50 State, 3 Country, 20 workshop tour! (And it will probably be the only time he will do a 50 state tour). Workshops are for all levels of experience, but it is expected you will at least have your own SLR, and at least know most of the skills taught on his camera Crash Course DVDs.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to meet and learn directly from Michael Andrew. Workshop space is limited to about 12 people per workshop and once slots are filled, registration for that area will close, so its on a first come first serve basis.Most workshops are one day events. There will be a wide range of topics but we will be doing at least 2 shoots at every workshop so please bring your camera, tripod and flash if you have them. Early registration is $300 for the entire day. Late registration (less than 1 weeks of workshop date) is $400.

One Day Michael Andrew Photography Workshops Include:

– Full day of Photography instruction taught personally by Michael Andrew, we are looking to start at 9am and end around 9pm.
– Breakfast, Lunch, Question and Answer Dinner with Michael
– 3-4 Classroom lessons on any topic, as selected by the host, ranging from Photoshop, Advanced Digital Photography, Macro, Portrait, Tethered Technique, Business Strategy, Work flow, Marketing, as well as a number of secret topics yet to be disclosed.
– “Photography JUDO” Photo Shoot- Watch Michael as he shows you the tricks of the trade to great images at ANY location.
– “Photoshop Workflow A-Z”
– Flash Photography and Painting with Light – Night Shoot
– Bonus gifts, games and prizes from Michael

If you prefer personal interaction and instruction, this is the event for you!

3 Day Michael Andrew Photography Festival Events

There are 2, three Day events which will include guest speakers in addition to Michael. These events will take place in Tampa, Florida June 9-11 2009, and Nashville, Tennessee August 27-29 2009. Pre-Registration is $700 for the entire three days if made 1 week before the event, $800 if within the last week period.

Attendees can choose from 3 days of amazing instruction, which can include lessons and activities such as:

– 1st EVER Michael Andrew Photography Contest (AWESOME PRIZES and Recognition)
– Multiple indoor and outdoor shooting events
– Basic and Advanced Photography for both Canon and Nikon Users
– Shooting Video with SLRs
– Speedlite Flash Crash Course
– Advanced Digital Photography School
– Business Strategy & Marketing
– Portrait Lighting Strategies
– Macro and Tethered Shooting
– Street Shooting / Engagement Session Shooting
– Natural Lighting Tips and Tricks
– Night Photography and Painting with Light
– Photoshop Lessons
– Paintballer Pro Tips and Tricks
– Michael Andrew Lollipop Tips and Tricks
– Workflow- Storage and Optimization
– Wedding / Business Photography Crash Course- (All who attend the 3 day conferences will receive a complementary copy of this 8+ hour DVD set, an absolute must for anyone who runs a photography business, a $500 value.)

The more attendees we have at the 3 day events, the more speakers and activities we will be adding. If you have 3 days to absorb EVERYTHING you possibly can (and much more) this is the event for you! 3 Day Event Cost is $700. Late registration (less than 2 weeks of workshop date) is $800

Workshops will kick off May 22nd in London, England

Available Workshop Dates and locations
(All dates are 2009):

SLC, Utah- August 4th
Seattle, Washington – August 11
Salem Area (Dallas), Oregon- Aug 13th
Fresno, Ca- August 20th
Las Vegas- August 25th
Nashville, Tennessee (3 Day) August 27-29th
Mesa, Arizona- September 8th

What other Students have said about Michael’s Teaching:

“Of all the time I have spent learning photography, nothing has compared to learning with Michael in person. There were many aspects I had been struggling to learn for months, he was able to identify and correct my mistakes in mere seconds. He is a phenomenally gifted instructor.” John S.

“Michael’s personal mentoring was the best investment I have made in my photography career” Erin H

“I’ve now seen first-hand what an amazing, inspired teacher Michael is. I learned more in an hour of strolling around a hotel than I have in a multitude of books and classes. Thanks again, Michael.” – Scott R

“For everyone who is interested just know that you will have a blast working with Michael and you will learn SO MUCH! I can honestly say he is one of the best teachers/mentors I have ever known in my entire childhood and adult life.”- Alexandra

“Michael, thanks for such a great opportunity. I learned SO MUCH yesterday. I continue to learn as I think over the day and all that we talked about. For the rest of you, if you ever get the opportunity to join Michael on a shoot, jump on it!” – Casey G

“WOW!! What a weekend!!! It was great to work with you this weekend Michael, and thanks again for the opportunity! I learn’t soo much from you and the wedding we shot, you are truly a master of your craft. Michael, your personality, positive energy and professionalism that day were nothing short of brilliant, especially as we were at a non stop pace. Your attitude and client interaction was phenomenal!!! You are a true photographer my friend, 95% people skills 5% technical skills, with an added 10% for being awesome!!!” – Gary J.

There is a limited number of spaces so once they are booked, they we will have to close registration for them. 🙁

Register For One of Michael’s Workshops By Clicking Here!!