Michael Andrew One-On-One Workshops – Maui

Introductory Price – $3000

Due to the popular demand of my recent Great American Photo Safari workshops, I am opening a very limited number of special One-On-One Photography workshops. Currently I am in an intense video production schedule, so I can only book one workshop every 1-2 months. Space is limited to a first come first serve basis and applications will only be accepted after a phone call interview. Once we have agreed on a date, I will send you a registration link. While most workshops will be held on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, I am open to the possibility of traveling to another location and in such an event would ask attendees to cover these additional travel expenses. I would prefer you come to Maui, trust me its awesome!!

Michael Andrew One-On-One workshops are designed to take photographers of any level and prepare them to be a successful business entrepreneur in their chosen field of photography. Each One-On-One workshop will take place over a One 12 hour day or Two Eight Hour day Sessions depending on our schedules. Lunch and Dinners will be provided and if you are coming to Maui, I will do my best to help you find a reasonably priced local hote/resort. It is a great time to travel to Maui and tickets prices are the lowest they have ever been.

Course work will be customized for each attendee who can choose from several courses including but not limited to:

– Advanced Beach Portraiture (including on location studio lighting)
– Haleakela Sunrise Shooting
– Bamboo Forest Shoot
– Waterfall / Wave Shooting Techniques
– Mind Blowing Sunset / Landscape Photography Techniques
– Botoanical Garden Shooting including On Location Macro Shooting
– Advanced Speedlite Instruction
– Advanced Live View Techniques
– Tack Sharp Portrait Techniques
– Shooting Video with SLRs
– Business Strategy & Marketing Crash Course
– Portrait Lighting Strategies
– Tethered Shooting
– Natural Lighting Tips and Tricks
– Night Photography and Painting with Light
– Photoshop Lessons
– Paintballer Pro Tips and Tricks
– Michael Andrew Lollipop Tips and Tricks
– Workflow- Storage and Optimization

And much more!

What other Students have said about Michael’s Teaching:

“Of all the time I have spent learning photography, nothing has compared to learning with Michael in person. There were many aspects I had been struggling to learn for months, he was able to identify and correct my mistakes in mere seconds. He is a phenomenally gifted instructor.” John S.

“Michael’s personal mentoring was the best investment I have made in my photography career” Erin H

“I’ve now seen first-hand what an amazing, inspired teacher Michael is. I learned more in an hour of strolling around a hotel than I have in a multitude of books and classes. Thanks again, Michael.” – Scott R

“For everyone who is interested just know that you will have a blast working with Michael and you will learn SO MUCH! I can honestly say he is one of the best teachers/mentors I have ever known in my entire childhood and adult life.”- Alexandra

“Michael, thanks for such a great opportunity. I learned SO MUCH yesterday. I continue to learn as I think over the day and all that we talked about. For the rest of you, if you ever get the opportunity to join Michael on a shoot, jump on it!” – Casey G

“WOW!! What a weekend!!! It was great to work with you this weekend Michael, and thanks again for the opportunity! I learn’t soo much from you and the wedding we shot, you are truly a master of your craft. Michael, your personality, positive energy and professionalism that day were nothing short of brilliant, especially as we were at a non stop pace. Your attitude and client interaction was phenomenal!!! You are a true photographer my friend, 95% people skills 5% technical skills, with an added 10% for being awesome!!!” – Gary J.

Open Dates:


February BOOKED

If you are interested in attending a One-On-One Maui Workshop, please send me an email with your interested dates to [email protected]

Information on Group Workshops on Maui Coming soon- We are Looking at May or August- or maybe both depending on interest.