So I was looking through some of my pictures from Maui this last week and I was thinking, you know a lot of these would make really great desktop wallpaper for my computer. Ive gone through hundreds of images and picked these as my top twenty-five favorites, they are available in the store for direct download here: Michael Andrew Maui Desktop Picture Pack

I will be honest with you though, I was a little torn because I wanted to just give them away for free, but didnt want to swamp the store with hundreds of free downloads, so this is what I am going to do:

If you help me with just a little bit of marketing, I will send you a code that will allow you to download the Maui Desktop pictures at no charge . All I ask for is for 7 of my links posted anywhere on the internet others may see them. The links I would like help with are:


You may post these on your Facebook, Myspace, blog, forum (just not on mine as everyone in there already knows) or whatever, you can even post these 5 links on one page and two more on another, or chose one link ( and post that 7 times on 7 different sites. You can even count the links you have already posted, as long as they stay up for at least a year. Do this for me, send me an email giving me your word you have, and I will send you the code for a free download of the Maui picture pack. The images have been optimized for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

This offer expires in one month (May 28th 2008)

Sound good?