Wow….I can’t believe I am actually finally putting these out there. I am very, very proud to announce the release of my first set of Photoshop Actions, which I call “Lollipops”. They will be available for purchase from my store this evening or first thing tomorrow, if everything goes smoothly.

I have spent a tremendous amount of time working on these….well over a year and I know that if you do any kind of serious photoshopping, you will appreciate what these can do for you.

Michael Andrew Lollipops isolate, boost and enable you to manage specific colors with a simple click of an action button. They are extremely fast and very easy to use. What separates Lollipops from other action sets is that they work only on a specific color, and leave the rest of the image intact and unchanged. Please forgive the “unfinished” demo pages, there are a few kinks here and there which I will be ironing out over the next few days.

There are several ways to manage and manipulate Lollipops which I show in a short instructional video on the demo pages, which can be seen here: Michael Andrew Lollipop Instructional Video

Please standby for additional information on Michael Andrew Lollipops which will be posted shortly. Here are some of the first sample images to give you an idea of what Lollipops are capable of: