Ive been staying with one of two good friends I have out here in Az. One, Jason Calvi I havent seen for 9 years and he pulls out a shoebox of old pictures. Jason and I worked together at a miniature golf course. (At which I started working when I was 14 years old.)

The Date was November 9th 1994, I had just finished a two year mission in Russia Moscow, and was on a lay over in SF on the way to Maui where my Dad had recently located. Just coming home from Moscow to Maui took 44 hours, this was about 32 into the trip after a flight and layover in Paris. I was exhausted. As I was waiting in SF, I heard someone call my name and Jason Calvi (left) and my other friend Mark Nelson were there looking for me and found me, and I wasnt expecting them. This was the picture Mark’s Dad took, who was also my scout leader growing up. In Russia I had lost nearly 50 pounds, and had worn glasses for the last 3 years. It brought back a lot of memories. The picture isnt very good, I had to take a picture of it with my cell phone and transfer, but I thought you would like it. 🙂