Ive had a number of requests for this, so I decided to do some research and have found the answers. Just going through the set up and computer coding to make this all work correctly.

As part of my marketing plan, I am trying to avoid the “big store retailer” like Best Buy or Barnes and Noble, etc, primarily because expanding too fast can totally destroy a company, its a long story, but Ive always preferred Dell’s model of removing the middle man and dealing directly with customers. The problem with this is the marketing, there is only so much ground I can cover through my usual means and there are so many of you out there who have photography blogs and are well connected enough that you are probably my best resource. I know many of you refer my website out to others, which I greatly appreciate, but its time to let you get paid for this. πŸ™‚

This is how we are looking to set it up, if you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a small percentage of all sales which originate from your blog or website. This is not pay-per-click, this is when they end up buying something. In fact, if the customer originates from your blog or website, ANYTHING they buy in the next 30-45 days will get you credit, even if they go away and come back.

If you sign up someone else as an affiliate, you will receive an additional percentage of their sales as well as a small “bounty” for signing them up. It will cost you nothing to sign up and you are only paid when a transaction is completed. The company I have hosting the affiliate program is extremely good at this, and once your sales go over $25 for the month, they send you a check. Everything is completely automated as well, which means once you post the links, as long as people are clicking on them and end up purchasing something, you will be paid. This is a form of residual income and its a win-win-win (me, you and the customer finds my products πŸ™‚ )

Ive done this through BH, and while I’m not making tons of money doing it, the money I do make pays for nearly all of my hosting and programming fees for the school which has truly turned it into a “free school”. Its paid for essentially by BH, when people order through the links Ive set up.

I am also considering a special program for these affiliates, this would be a test only porgram, and that is as a “mini” retailer. Which means, I will allow a limited number of people purchase $400 or more worth of merchandise at 50% off. They in turn can take the DVDs and sell them on their stores, ebay, tradeshows, in person, etc, as long as they do not under bid the store by more than 5%. If anyone is interested in trying this secondary program out, let me know and we can get you started. Im only looking for 3-5 mini-retailers at this time, first come, first serve. πŸ™‚