I just wanted to wish everyone a super Merry Christmas! A huge thank you to everyone who has offered me such an amazing amount of support, not just friends and family, but complete strangers who have so many kind words of encouragement, suggestions and insights that has brought me to where I am today.

2009 has been a really amazing year for me, it really was only my second year at being a full time Maven and looking back, I feel awesome about my accomplishments and the progress Ive made. It started with releasing the Photoshop and Canon 50D Crash Courses, followed by Paintballer Pro Presets. The Speedlite DVD was scripted in Mesa over the period of a week and then production on Maui took about 5. There was my 4.5 month road Great American Road trip, which included visits and videos in London and Paris, as well as about 40 States all over the US. The best part was I finally got to meet over 100 of you in person at 24 different amazing workshops. The T1i, and Canon 7D DVDs were shot and completed, along with one Top Secret Yet to be released product, all the while nearly completing a 365 self portrait project. Its exhausting to think about, but you know what…its probably the first time in 10 years that I really truly feel like I am living my dream. I wouldnt have it any other way.

I will be honest with you…I’m a little tired. lol Even up to today Ive been finishing little things on the 7D video while we are waiting for the production house to give us the green light. I feel like finding a corner somewhere, curling up into a ball, sucking my thumb and sleeping for 5 days straight. Im going to try really hard not to do anything too work related for the 24th and 25th.

I feel with more time and experience, I will become more effective and more prolific at what I do. I know some of you may have felt a “lull” in excitement on the ol’ blog, but believe me, I am working away and planning furiously. Some of the many exciting things to look forward to in 2010:

– Advanced Photography Techniques Crash Course
– Photography Lighting Crash Course
– Wedding Photography Crash Course
– Another Top Secret Product already in the works

and DVDs for any new Canon Products coming out. Im suspecting the 60D will be announced in Feb or March- This is pure speculation.

Ill be heading back to Alabama for a few weeks to clear out a storage unit, and then…yes…I will be moving to Maui, at least for most of 2010. Looking forward to having some one-on-one workshops and a group workshop there in August.
Id also like to take another big trip somewhere interesting, I have a few ideas, but nothing decided yet. It will be amazing and awesome.

I sincerely wish to thank you for your support, even if we have never spoken, coming to the blog to visit, checking out the free videos in the school, the forum or ordering a Crash Course DVD means so much to me and I greatly appreciate it more than you know. I do get occasional emails from many of you and your encouragement makes all the difference for me. Sometimes being a Maven is a long and lonely path, I believe in myself and what I am doing, but having a support group out, or the occasional email from someone on the other side of the globe that lets me know I made a difference reinforces my commitment to doing the very best job I can. Probably the most exciting thing about what I do now is watch others grow and find happiness by expressing themselves with photography. Its such an awesome and humbling experience, I couldnt ask for a better gift to receive.

Merry Christmas to all of you!