Its been another really long day and I am just getting ready for bed, but I just had to post these. I cannot go into too much, because of the program, but it should suffice it to say that Frank was one of the last people to speak to Mark and was working with him on that fateful day. Thad, Joseph and myself were able to drive him to the airport and check out his F-18. It wasnt the same exact plane that he flew with Mark, but from the same squadron and same basic type plane.

Frank is an AMAZING man- I am just so humbled and astonished that he and his wingman flew down to spend time with Mark’s family and invested so much into the production. I LOVE this guy- I feel he has many of the same qualities as Mark, the man is a true warrior and at the same time completely filled with compassion. So awesome to get to know men like this are protecting our country. It will absolutely be worth your time to watch the show. Both planes had tributes written to Mark on the side….He gave us a really great tour of the plane…it was incredible….We stayed until they took off and watched him and his wingman Kevin leave. I have some good video of this. Frank also gave me my first Military Coin. What I am getting is these are often exchanged among military leadership, almost like a calling card, but only given out under certain circumstances. Thad and I spent some real quality time with Frank last night before bed- it was so good to finally talk with someone face to face who had been there and knew the details. I would say most of the closure I have gotten has come from Frank and I am extremely grateful to him for everything he has done.

Man…I wish I could say so much more, but I think it will have to wait until after the show.